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On the Rock Roofing

With a 5 Star Google Rating On the Rock Roofing is Owasso’s Highest Rated Roofer.

On the Rock Roofing has built a strong reputation throughout the Owasso area for being a roofing company people can trust and rely on. Their name comes from their belief that all relationships whether personal or professional should be based on a rock solid foundation of core beliefs.
Replacing your roof can be pricey. Spending a little time every few months looking closely at your roof can assist you in identifying roof upkeep chances that may avert costly repairs later. It’s also essential to occasionally check your homeowners insurance to make sure that serious roof damage is covered by your policy.
Here are some maintenance tips from On the Rock Roofing

What to look for when doing basic roof maintenance:

It’s vital to check your roof every spring and autumn.  A great time to do this is when you’re cleaning your gutters.

  • Look for absent, broken or winding shingles and any other signs of wear and tear. It’s easy and reasonable to replace one or two shingles, or to hire someone to do it for you.
  • Check for signs of mold. If your roof is starting to collect moss or mold, install zinc control strips.
  • Inspect metal areas for rust. If it’s present, use a wire brush to get rid of the rust, then prime and paint the metal.

If you see any signs of a roof leak, like dark spots on the ceiling, or mold or dampness in your attic, take action straightaway. Roof leaks may get worse, not better, and it’s better to spend a few dollars on Tulsa roofing maintenance rather than a lot on a big roofing repair job.
Tulsa Roofing maintenance is often ignored, but small problems with a roof can lead to some of the most costly home repairs around.

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