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Information About Vern Twyman

Vernon Twyman Jr. is the founder of Ventures 7000, a treasure recovery organization searching for artifacts stolen by the Axis Powers during World War II. Twyman has been an entrepreneur for the majority of his life, starting his first business at the age of just 14 years old. From there, he has worked in the insurance industry and in financial planning. He also established Benefund and has worked closely with non-profit and Christian organizations.

Throughout his life, Vern Twyman has had the privilege of living and traveling all over the world. These opportunities have helped to fuel his lifelong interest in The Philippines. As a child, his father was a non-commissioned U.S. Air Force officer, which resulted in his family moving all over the globe. Twyman first visited The Philippine Islands when he was a boy.

Over the years and through his work with non-profits, Vernon Twyman was able to build lasting relationships with officials in The Philippines and United States interests. During this time, Twyman was able to start learning about the mass transfer of wealth that happened during World War II, and how stolen artifacts from all over the world were hidden throughout the Philippine Islands by the Axis Powers.

Starting Ventures 7000

In 2001, Vernon Twyman founded Ventures 7000, a treasure recovery organization working specifically in The Philippine Islands to find the lost treasures of World War II. The Philipino government has licensed only a handful of companies to work alongside them in order to find these stolen artifacts; Ventures 7000 is one of these companies.

Ventures 7000’s mission is to find the lost artifacts and precious metals and return the wealth by donating to organizations dedicated to serving their communities. During World War II,  Japan confiscated gold, silver, and other precious metals from all the lands they overtook. They also stole artifacts and masterpieces that held cultural significance.

Today, Ventures 7000 has a team of professionals to find, search, and recover these artifacts. Vernon Twyman has turned his passions and interests into an effective treasure recovery organization.

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