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Tulsa Chiropractor
Tulsa Chiropractor

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Travis Chiropractic

Travis Chiropractic is the best Tulsa Chiropractor because they are passionate about the opportunity to serve as many suffering and sick people as they possibly can. They have a goal to educate their patients on proper nutrition and chiropractic care on every step of their journey. Travis Chiropractic works hard to determine what their patients need in order to help them stay healthy in every part of life.

This Tulsa Chiropractor provides their patients with chiropractic care for their neck pain, back pain, headaches, joint pain, injuries, and sports performance. No matter what age group, all patients can benefit. Each and every patient deserves to have a Tulsa Chiropractor that has compassion and years of experience.

Travis Chiropractic’s Successful Business Strategies

One of the things that set this Tulsa Chiropractor apart from the competition is that they have a goal to not only help the citizens of Tulsa get healthier but for the community to grow stronger as well. This Tulsa Chiropractor is very active in the Tulsa area volunteering in many different community organizations to help make their area one of the best places to live and work.
Tulsa Chiropractor

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What Customers Are Saying About Travis Chiropractic

Many past customers have been very pleased with the work of this Tulsa Chiropractor. Take a moment to read a few of them for yourself!
Dr. Travis is thorough, explains his findings, and is very gentle. He is widely respected by other chiropractors. I’m currently being seen by him for previous auto collisions and feel better with each visit. In fact, it’s amazing how good I feel! I thought I had an uncomfortable car seat but discovered my back was the issue & now I can take long trips without backaches. — Previous Client
Absolutely wonderful experience every time I go in for my adjustment. Staff and Dr. Is always friendly and smiling. My schedule is so ever-changing and they always work with fitting me in when I pop in unexpectedly. They make feel like I’m someone important. — Previous Client 
I’ve been going to Dr. Travis for 3 years. The doctor has relieved my back and neck pain. I go to him every 3 weeks to keep my neck and back “tuned up.” Several weeks ago I started having heel pain and was diagnosed by the doctor as plantar fasciitis. Dr. Travis is treating this too. The thing that is really great about going to Travis Chiropractic is when the doctor and the staff see you, they are always smiling. Also, everyone is friendly. I highly recommend Travis Chiropractic and thank them too for everything they do for me. — Previous Client 

How To Learn More About Travis Chiropractic

Find out more about Travis Chiropractic by using the contact information listed below!
Travis Chiropractic
10135 S Delaware Ave Tulsa, OK 74137

Tulsa Chiropractor | Dr. Heath Travis | Tulsa Chiropractic Care

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