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Who is Vernon Twyman and Ventures 7000?

Who Is Vernon Twyman and Ventures 7000?

Vernon Twyman is an entrepreneur/ business owner. He is based out of Tulsa, however, his passion is overseas. He founded the business Ventures 7000. This business uncovers lost treasure in the Philippines from World War II. The Philippine government has many regulations on being able to look for this treasure. So, Ventures 7000 is one of the few organizations that are able to look and retrieve this treasure. This didn’t happen by accident. Vernon Twyman has worked very diligently and honestly with the Phillipino government. He is committed to following all the guidelines and staying honest and trustworthy. In addition, Vernon is committed to donating a lot of the proceeds they make to charitable organizations and causes.

What Sets Vernon Twyman and Ventures 7000 apart?

Ventures 7000 is a team of professionals skilled in history and equipped with equipment to search for treasure. They are also licensed by their government, which means they have permission from them at all times while working on-site within Phillippines territory.
The amount of organizations given exclusive rights has been limited due to an influx so many other organizations flood into this country trying to get their hands on the artifacts. Vern Twyman’s background in entrepreneurship, missions, and business makes him a great asset to any company. He only operates with integrity and passion. He is passionate about people from all over the world. This allows him to operate and work with people in a unique and powerful way.

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Ventures 7000 is a treasure recovery organization that recovers treasure and artifacts from World War II

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+1 (539) 777-1335


11063D S Memorial Dr

Tulsa, OK 74133

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If you would like to learn more about Ventures 7000 and Vern Twyman, then visit this website. Vern Twyman is a strong businessman with a lot of experience and knowledge under his belt. If you are interested in business, history, or treasure, Vern Twyman has a lot of interesting background in all of those subjects.

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