What Makes HBI Global Partner’s India Church Planting Successful?

Church Planting in India

HBI Global Partners’ India Church Planting Strategies

HBI Global Partners is a Christian mission organization committed to fulfilling the Great Commission in India. Founded by Dr. Paul Gupta in 1952, HBI Global Partners was created to help bring the Word of God to India. Through many different outreaches and ministry strategies, Dr. Gupta’s legacy continues on into these next generations.
Through India church planting and other community programs, HBI Global Partners has established itself as a helping hand within the communities and cities they serve. They work to impact both Indian nationals and Americans by creating avenues of giving, serving, volunteering, and learning.

HBI Global Partners’ Successful Mission Strategies

HBI Global Partners has planted over 11,000 churches across India. They’ve created a thriving and effective India church planting mission, and the number of churches they’ve planted continues to grow daily. So, what has made them so successful?
One reason HBI is successful in India church planting is that they provide training for willing locals all across India. This allows them to train individuals who can then go into the hidden towns and hard-to-reach villages of India and plant a church where one has never been planted.
HBI Global Partners has 10 training centers across India where locals can attend. They receive seven years of training, where they’re trained in evangelism, disciple-makers, and then as church planters.

Where to Find HBI Global Partners

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What Customers Are Saying About HBI Global Partners

HBI Global Partners has helped to reach many lives for Christ. They have supporters all throughout America and India that support the ministry and what they are doing. Here are a few of the comments supporters have to say:
A great organization doing great things across India!” – J. Turner
A great privilege to join God in His mission in India” – M. Saro
You can learn more about HBI Global Partners by visiting their website: https://www.hbiglobalpartners.org.

How to Learn More About HBI Global Partners

HBI Global Partners
P.O. Box 3037
Broken Arrow, OK 74013

(877) 424-4634

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