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Wagner and Lynch
Wagner and Lynch

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Wagner and Lynch | Southeast Oklahoma Lawyers

Wagner and LynchWagner and Lynch

Wagner and Lynch provides a stress-free, alternative Avenue for only Oklahomans who are needing legal assistance and a step-by-step approach to their legal claims. Based in McAlester, Oklahoma, and Wilburton, Oklahoma, Wagner image can help you with your legal claims. Brecken A Wagner opened Wagner law in McAlester in October 2010. In April 2013, Wagner joined with Blake lynch to form Wagner and Lynch, a firm that could cover a wide variety of legal issues for clients throughout the south east Oklahoma and the rest of the state. Together, both Wagner and Lynch opened a second office in Wilburton, Oklahoma. Wagner has practice law in both state and federal jurisdictions, including 70 of the 77 counties in Oklahoma and five counties in Missouri. Lynch has practice law in both McAllister and Wilburton with a focus on civil and criminal law. Lynch also practices in tribal court for the Choctaw and Cherokee tribes. He has also been very involved in the local and state bar association, serving as district to chair and the young lawyers division and as Pittsburgh county bar president.


Wagner and Lynch Law Services

Wagner and Lynch provide legal services in the following type of legal specialties:

Criminal Felony – if you need it and experience defender in your corner after being charged with a crime.

Wagner and Lynch

Misdemeanor and DUI – don’t just except that your license and driving privileges are going to be taken away, hire a lawyer to help you in this case.

Family Law – adoption, guardianship (Child or adult), Power of attorney.

Will and Trust – every estate has unique needs, having a will and a trust attorney will help guide in proper decision making.

Tribal Law – licensed in Cherokee and Choctaw tribal courts.

Injury – have you been injured in an accident or do to someone else’s negligence, you need an injury lawyer.


Wagner and Lynch Testimonial

Wagner and Lynch have a page on their website, link here, that has multiple videos of their client testimonials so you can see just how trustworthy Wagner and lynch are. Plus, it helps to hear real people’s stories versus reading arbitrary words on a page.


For more information on South East Oklahoma’s top criminal defense law firm, contact Wagner and Lynch here.

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