Who is the Founder and CEO of Ventures 7000?

Vernon Twyman is the Founder and CEO of Ventures 7000. Vernon Twyman is an entrepreneur and statesman who has lived in the Philippines for over fifty-four years. He’s built his life around acknowledging both cultural traditions as well as modern technologies like mobile phones, cars, computers, etc., mastering them all while preserving the Filipino way of life. As President & CEO of Ventures 7000 Incorporated with an extensive background that includes living there  – Vernon knows first hand what makes this island paradise so special- which he shares gladly by providing services such as business consulting or real estate development.

What makes Vernon Twyman unique?

In 1978, after attending Oral Roberts University in Tulsa Oklahoma Twyman entered the life and health insurance business later expanding into financial planning. He eventually developed one of the largest fee-based financial consultations firms across America as well as an SEC-registered Investment Advisor with extensive experience selling securities on both federal licenses along with state ones too! Twyman has an extensive background in the Philippines, having lived and worked there at various times as both a student and a professional over the last 54 years.

Vernon Twyman Services include:

  • Citizen of the United States and resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Twyman is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of Ventures 7000, Inc.
  • Life, health, and disability insurance business
  • Financial planning and asset management
  • One of the largest fee-based financial and estate planning firms in the United States

Contact Information for Vernon Twyman

Vernon Twyman

Address: 11063D S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74133

Twyman’s rare blend of entrepreneurial skills, business acumen, philanthropic heart, and deep abiding faith combined with his long-term association with the Philippines, make him uniquely suited to head Ventures 7000’s business efforts in the Philippines. You can read more about his services by visiting their website.

I encourage you to read more about the history of Vernon and his story over the last 50 years helping organizations around the world.

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