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How can float therapy help me?

Float Therapy at Longevity Effect has benefits for Mind and the Body

Tulsa float therapy is a type of therapy that relies on the principle of floating to draw effects from the patient. The patient will lie down in a float tank, also known as a sensory deprivation chamber, where water is saturated with salt.
The salt allows the patient to float in the water without any stress or muscle use. This allows for a different sense of relaxation.
In Tulsa float therapy, the water is kept at room temperature so that the patient can’t tell the difference between the water and the outside air. The lights are darkened. This encourages the patient to not only relax but also meditate.

How Can Tulsa Float Therapy Help You?

Longevity Effect offers many different holistic therapies, Tulsa float therapy being one of them. Here are some ways float therapy can help you:

1 – Removes the Physical Stress of Gravity

Since the water used for Tulsa float therapy is saturated with salt, it is incredibly easy to float on top of the water. Have you ever tried to float on your back in a swimming pool? Floating in a swimming pool can sometimes take as much strength as swimming!
This isn’t how a float pod is; when you lay down in the water, you’ll soon forget you’re even floating in water. This type of therapy relieves the stress from your body applied by gravity.
Gravity is constantly working against our bodies in order to hold us to the earth. Tulsa float therapy takes the effects of gravity away and lets your body experience the freedom of simply floating.

2 – Gives the Body a Break From the Senses

24/7, 365 days a year your body and mind is being bombarded with the senses; sights, sounds, tastes, and smells. The sensory deprivation chamber does exactly what the name describes; it deprives you from the regular senses that are constantly following you around.
When you are deprived from your senses, it helps you to enter a meditative state of relaxation. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by everything the world is throwing your way, Tulsa float therapy may be a nice break from the chaos.

3 – Relieves the Body From Stress

Without the limitations of gravity or the bombardment of the senses, your body can truly experience relaxation. Tulsa float therapy allows you to focus on one thing and one thing only: relaxation! The dark atmosphere, no distractions, weightless feeling allows for peace throughout the body and mind.
Most people compare stepping out of Tulsa float therapy to waking up from the best nap they’ve ever taken, yet people rarely drift off while in the float chamber. The effects on your body from this therapy mimics the rest you receive from a deep sleep.
Longevity Effect believes in the benefits of Tulsa float therapy. It’s a natural therapy that requires no medication. This therapy works not only to help the body rest but also to help the mind rest. It’s proven that mental states can affect physical states. With this therapy, the general health of the patient is targeted.
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