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Tulsa Float Therapy
Tulsa Float Therapy

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Who has the Best Float Therapy in Tulsa?

America is currently an extremely stressed and anxious nation, and it doesn’t show signs of getting better or improving quickly. While a lot of people are sadly stuck in a vortex of stress, others are starting to recognize their problem and are beginning to try alternative forms of stress relief.
Longevity Effect in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a practice that recognizes this and is on the cutting edge of stress-relieving technologies. One of the methods used by Longevity Effect is called R.E.S.T. (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy). Otherwise known asFloat Therapy.
Tulsa Float Therapy is uniquely designed to help eliviate these kinds of problems and has been reported to be an extremely successful and basic way to increase someone’s happiness and overall health, by simply floating.

What Is Tulsa Float Therapy?

R.E.S.T is achieved by saturating the water with 1000 – 1,200 pounds of Epsom salt, which creates an environment that is completely weightless. Because of the salt, the water is extremely dense, which allows the patient to float on top of it with ease.
Tulsa Float Therapy
The air temperature is then adjusted to match the temperature of the water, so the patient doesn’t know where the water starts and ends. In complete darkness and with earplugs inserted, Tulsa Float Therapy is a one of a kind experience designed to relieve you from the weight of constant stress.

What Are The Benefits Of Tulsa Float Therapy?

In addition to stress relief, this type of therapy can also provide a patient with a variety of other health benefits. Benefits like:
Relief From Pain — A lot of people have stiffness and tension in certain areas of the body like the shoulders or lower back, but once you have gone through Tulsa Float Therapy, the pain in those areas is basically gone. Many studies and testimonials have expressed that this type of therapy truly is a natural pain killer because it triggers a relaxing response.
Healthier Skin — Epsom salt is very good for our skin. After a session in the tank, the magnesium sulfate will have exfoliated any dead skin on your body and will have also unclogged any blocked pores. Tulsa Float Therapy is extremely effective against skin problems like eczema or rosacea.
Healthier Hair — In addition to benefits to the skin, Epsom salt is also extremely helpful for our hair. Most people use alcohol-based products on our hair every day or have tortured our hair for the sake of looking good at one time or another. After Tulsa Float Therapy, the Epsom salt will take away any unwanted product or filth, leaving your hair in a much healthier state.
Better Sleep Quality — For someone who struggles with insomnia, spending time utilizing this therapy for a few times a week will significantly reduce the symptoms you have been experiencing. After a Tulsa Float Therapy session, you will leave feeling revitalized, restored and refreshed, helping you to forget any stresses or worries you walked in with, allowing you to sleep with ease.
If you are looking for more alternative means of stress relief, or struggle with chronic pain or illness, take some time to reach out to Longevity Effect to set up your appointment today.

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