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Tulsa event center
Tulsa event center

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Tulsa event center – Stokely Event Center 

Tulsa Event center Corporate Events

Tired of stuffy meetings in bland corporate boxes? Break out of boring and have FUN with your work week! Tulsa event center

Training, Quarterly Meetings, Team Building & Parties

The Stokely Event Center can provide a special atmosphere for a wide assortment of events. With free-to-play games and a large assortment of decorative signing, Stokely Event Center has a made a name for itself as the most unique venue in the Tulsa area. Encompassing over 3,500 feet of space, we are more than equipped to accommodate a variety of corporate events!
Training, quarterly meetings and team building are a part of most corporate environments. Being bored to tears doesn’t have to accompany that anymore! STOKELY makes corporate events fun with an exciting atmosphere and lots of games during breaks. We have the equipment and space you need, the atmosphere you seek and the savings your boss demands. Be the office hero and book STOKELY for your next function!

Tulsa Event center
With on hand sound equipment, including laptop and IPod connections, our venue can give a plug-and-play experience to simplify your technical needs. By providing the microphone needed to host a corporate event, we have all of your sound requirements covered.
For visual needs fulfillments, Stokely Event Center is fitted with a projector and screen. This convenience will make giving presentations or showing videos a breeze! In fact, the connection process is so simple that even your IT employees can sit back and enjoy the presentation hassle free.
Stokely Event Center has over 8 flavors of soda on hand, paired with the always popular Sonic® ice. With the option to provide your own beer or wine, the tone and casualness for your corporate event can be at your discretion! With the flexibility of planning an event with outside food or drinks, you can tailor a menu that meets your needs. One unique aspect to booking your event at Stokely Event Center is the ability to bring your own smoker or grill and provide a menu of your choosing.
When you hold an event at Stokely Events Center, we will be there when it ends to take care of clean-up. Not only does this mean you can enjoy the event without the constant fear of gathering trash, but you can be sure that we will be there to take care of all the dirty work that may arise.
If you are planning a corporate event that needs to be unforgettable, we would love to talk to you about making it an affordable Stokely experience. No matter what corporate experience you are planning, our venue will create a fun environment to promote creativity and encourage growth!


Conferences allow individuals within the same company or industry to come together and discuss new business opportunities or trends to stir potential growth. Most conferences involve various speakers and workshop opportunities for a hands-on experience. Planning usually must be carried out by the business well in advance to ensure a smooth conference experience.
Conferences can be varied and cover a variety of topics; such as academic, medical, business, and training. For a conference to be successful, meticulous planning must be done. Scheduling a date in advance ensures a smooth experience.


Business seminars are meetings usually meant to invoke the knowledge of a specific skill. With expert speakers and teachers invited to explain and simplify certain topics, seminars can be beneficial to a company’s growth. Workshops function much like seminars, but tend to have more hands-on and group activities.
Seminars require pre-planning to find speakers and experts within a typical field. Finding engaging speakers is crucial to making the event successful. With Stokely Event Center’s sound equipment, your event will be a breeze!

Company Meetings

Company meetings have developed a history of being boring and uneventful. Though individuals may not appreciate the insight into the company they are currently employed with, choosing an atmosphere that gives attendance incentive can work wonders. By holding company meetings at Stokely Event Center, employees will have time to relax and take advantage of our free-to-play games during downtimes to keep them engaged!
Company meetings are generally composed with analytical data that is already on hand so planning is done on short notice in most cases. With Stokely Event Center’s laptop connections and projector, your data can be shown easily!

Team Building Events

The most effective team building events happen at venues where fun is encouraged. With Stokely Event Center’s free-to-play games, creativity is encouraged. This, in turn, will lead to higher levels of productivity and better relationships between your employees!
Team building events are easily planned and require little effort to be successful. With a little research to determine the best team building exercise for your needs, you will be set to encourage teamwork and promote positive relationships.

Business Dinners

Business dinners and banquets are formal celebrations to boost employee morale, celebrate company achievements and recognize excellent workers. With Stokely Event Center’s flexible outside food or drinks policies, catering in the meal required for your event is only a reservation away!
Business dinners require meticulous planning to determine how much food will be needed and if any of the attendees have food allergies that must be taken into account. When these factors are determined the hardest decision will be deciding the best food to serve!

Networking Events

Networking events can be valuable in building brand awareness with the community you are trying to target. Stokely Event Center’s bring your own beer and wine option can make your networking event a more casual affair that encourages social interactions.
With varying attendance sizes achievable with this type of event meticulous planning must be made. By planning at least one year in advance and invites going out at least 6 months in advance, you can ensure that attendance numbers will reach the desired outcome.

Product Launches

When pushing a new product to market, fighting for exposure can be a tricky task. By holding your product launch at a unique location, you are more likely to have journalists, influencers, and bloggers on hand to get hands-on experience with your product. By holding your event in our memorable venue, memorable associations will be made with the products being launched!
Having adequate seating is a must with product launches. When planning a product launch, having accurate headcounts and ensuring all of the smallest details are covered can make sure the event is a success.

Themed Parties

Themed and holiday parties have the ability to be a huge hit with employees as long as the circumstances are right. With the free-to-play games and the option to bring your own beer and wine, Stokely Event Center can create an environment that will liven up your themed parties.
When choosing a theme for a party, choosing a theme that aligns with your attending audience is important. Theme parties lose the feeling of a theme when decorations are excluded, so this is an important aspect of this type of event. We typically get holiday party bookings well in advance, so plan and book accordingly!

VIP Events

VIP events can be a great way to build brand loyalty. By holding an event to make your customers feel valued, you can build a lasting relationship with the consumer. VIP events can be an important marketing component in expanding your business or brand.
Making sure the VIP you have in mind will be available to attend the event is crucial. Without the VIP in attendance the party can become a bust fairly quickly!

Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies can be used to honor valuable staff members who go above and beyond their normal duties. Award ceremonies, such as the Oscars and Golden Globes, are among the most watched programs in the world. Honoring individuals for the service they have done for your brand or business is an invaluable experience for the honoree.
Award winners are generally chosen by a committee, peer group, or bosses. It’s important to remember to purchase the awards beforehand. You can’t have an awards ceremony without an award to give!

Incentive Events

Incentive events can be beneficial for rejuvenating employee morale through interactive and inspirational activities. When workers get burned out, it’s important to reignite their passion for the work they do. By having a special day for employees to unwind and not think about work pressures, motivation can be achieved.
This type of event should be planned at least one year in advance, typically after known stressful periods. When having an incentive event, it is generally common for the event to only last a few hours. Once the event ends, employees are given the day off to enjoy it how they see fit.

Charity Functions

Charity functions are designed to gather donors for a particular cause and encourage their generosity. This type of event can be a great kick starter for media coverage and positive brand association. The most important aspect of a charity function is the ability to give to an important cause.
Charity functions are inherently set up well in advance in order to ensure donor schedules can allow for the time. Determining the particulars associated with a charity function; such as, whether food will be served, if there will be a dress code, or the type of entertainment are issues that need to be addressed early in the planning process.

Political Events

Political parties can serve as a conduit for hopeful politicians or defending politicians to engage with voters. As with any other type of event, planning in advance is crucial to determine headcounts and verify that the venue chosen meets your maximum capacity.
Political watch parties have become heavily attended events in recent years as candidates begin to personally relate with their audience. Using our projector with laptop hook ups, you can focus on the incoming votes and not the technical issues!

Community Relations Events

Community relations events can play a pivotal role in building a relationship with the general public. By putting on an unforgettable event for your partners, customers and potential business associates, companies and small business can build a foundation for a sustainable future. Many community relations events have an entertainment aspect and take months to invite participants. Planning ahead is crucial to the success of a community relations event.
With the addition of our free-to-play games, visitors to your community relations event will have a variety of entertainment options on top of those implemented by you! With Tulsa Event center, Stokely Event Center’s flexible outside food or drinks policies, catering in the meal required for your event is only a reservation away!

Happy Hours

In recent years, many companies have started having after work parties to help employees socialize and build relationships. When pressures of work have noticeably started compounding, happy hours give employees a chance to blow off a little steam and focusing on relaxing. Happy hours can also be used as an informal way to determine potential employee concerns.
Some planning is needed when planning a happy hour, catering services must be planned in advance and allergies should be taken into account. With the flexibility of planning an event with outside food or drinks, you can tailor a menu that meets your needs. The popular option to provide your own beer or wine allows for the tone and casualness for your corporate event to be at your discretion!

Tulsa Event center – Stokely Event Center 

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