Do Chiropractors Really Help?

Dr. Travis will Really Help You Feel Better!

Travis Chiropractic is family owned and operated. Dr. Travis is dedicated to providing cutting-edge injury rehabilitation therapy, with a special focus on automobile accident injuries as well as other health rehabilitation
Our method goes beyond the regular medical approach and instead combines multiple methods for healing and restoration.
When it comes to providing you or your loved one with rehabilitation services, we believe in developing meaningful relationships with each person, and not viewing them as just another patient.
We know that each person is unique and demands a specialized approach. Our team will put forth the time and effort necessary for ensuring that we go above and beyond as we provide rehabilitation services.
In addition to accident and injury rehabilitation, we are also able to provide chiropractic and physical therapy care. If you’re on the search for a great Tulsa chiropractor, we would love to work with you or your loved one!
Injuries often take people by surprise and can be devastating if they aren’t treated or taken care of both quickly and properly. Dr. Travis is able to provide you with exemplary care with same-day appointments, meaning you’re able to get on the road to recovery even faster! After you receive a physical examination from our team and they asses the situation, we will begin work right away to ensure that you have the necessary medications and a game-plan tailored for your unique situation.
Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of service possible. We have an incredible staff composed of medical professionals from a wide range of fields. Our staff is sensitive, caring, and has real experience. They will help implement the specialized strategy needed to set you on a speedy path to recovery.
If you’re ready to work with the best rehabilitation team out there, we invite you to contact us!

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