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Tulsa Children's Dentist
Tulsa Children's Dentist

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Who is Tulsa’s Best Children’s Dentist?

The Children’s Dental Health Center is Tulsa’s Top Children’s Dentist | (918) 249-0249

Children’s Dental Health Center is a Tulsa children’s dentistry that provides pediatric dentistry for your child. One thing that this Tulsa children’s dentistry understands about kids is how hard it can be to get them to brush their teeth! Even as an adult, the task can sometimes seem time consuming and pointless. However, brushing your teeth is vital to your oral health.
Tulsa Children's Dentist
A Tulsa children’s dentistry should encourage kids to take care of their teeth. Many parents are used to nighttime brushings being a daunting task. Kids need to know that taking care of their teeth can be fun! Here is a list of things you can try to encourage your kid to brush their teeth:

Make It a Competition

If there is one thing Tulsa children’s dentistry knows about children is that children love competition. If you grew up with siblings, then you know the feeling. Kids love to compete, so have some fun and make teeth brushing a rivalry.
See who can brush their teeth the best. You can even have the child compete against their parents. This will awaken the spark within them to look forward to brushing their teeth every time. 

Options, Let Me See Some Options

If you’ve ever been to a Tulsa children’s dentistry, then you have seen how pediatric dentists understand kids…and options. We’ve all seen the little boxes of toys at a pediatric dentist’s office, allowing the kids to choose a toy. 
Give your kids some options. Get a few toothbrushes with different designs and colors. Get different tasting toothpaste. Each morning and night, let your child choose which ones they want to use. This will give your child a feeling of responsibility as well.

How Grown Up Are You?

Something all kids wish they could be is “grown up.” They love to hang out with the grown up kids, and they like to hear how grown up they are. Let your child know that brushing their teeth is a very “grown up” thing to do, as well as going to a Tulsa children’s dentistry.

Keep Your Kid’s Attention

Children get cranky when they start to get bored. After about 5 seconds of brushing their teeth, kids start to get bored. According to Tulsa children’s dentistry, keep your kids from getting bored by asking them to doing different things while they brush their teeth. This can include asking them to brush in circles, to brush their tongue, ect. Ask them to do silly and funny things like touch their toes and wiggle their hips while they are brushing.
Children’s Dental Health Center not only understands kids when it comes to Tulsa children’s dentistry, but they also understand how kids think and how to engage with them. Oral health is generally overlooked in many children. Whiles sometimes it may not seem like it, how your kid takes care of their teeth in their youth years determines their oral health down the road. Establishing good routines now will save them from the hassle later. 
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