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Top 7 Most Relaxing Jobs in the World

What Are the Most Relaxing Jobs in the World?

Everyone has to work one way or another. Some are fortunate to be working the career of their dreams! However, even those that have a job they would consider to be their dream job inevitably have bad days. There may not be such a thing as a perfect job although I wish there was!

However, are some jobs simply more relaxing than others? Well, that’s a question I wanted to find the answer to! If you have wondered the same thing, then lucky for you, I’ve done all the research already.

Today I have compiled this list of the top 7 most relaxing jobs in the world:

  1. Yoga Instructor
  2. Fishing Guide
  3. Lifeguard
  4. Dog Walker
  5. Tour Guide
  6. Spa Therapist
  7. Librarian


Did any jobs on this list surprise you? These are in no particular order but have been agreed upon as some of the most relaxing jobs to have. Let’s talk more about them!

1. Yoga Instructor

Some of you may be surprised to hear that being a yoga instructor is considered one of the most relaxing jobs in the world, however, this job deserves a spot on this list. Anyone who has ever tried yoga would understand why!

Yoga instructors are constantly surrounded by calmness and tranquility as they are encouraging their students to relax into a pose. Their constant upbeat and enthusiastic personalities make it easy to relax, almost forgetting you are in a class of people stretching and breathing!

Yoga instructors get to show others how relaxing yoga can be while simultaneously experiencing it themselves.

Here are a few reasons why yoga instructors love their job:

  • making friends out of clients
  • the calmness of the job, both in and out of work
  • flexibility of schedule
  • staying physically and mentally fit
  • helping others be happy

2. Fishing Guide

Fishing is some people’s escape, their happy place. As a fishing guide, you can fulfill people’s dream of catching that fish they have been aiming at for so long!

This job is often regarded as one of the most relaxing jobs which allows someone to leave all their troubles on land. To top it off, fishing guides get to do what they love doing where you take people out on a boat and guide them as they cast their rods into the water!

Fishing guides love what they do because:

  • they get to be outside all-day
  • they get to spend time with family and friends on the boat with them
  • benefits of living near water (less stress)
  • the wonderful stories of a fishing trip
  • time to think and enjoy a hobby they love

3. Lifeguard

Lifeguards are known to be some of the most laid-back people around. They sometimes have a stereotype of being lazy but this is far from true! In actuality, lifeguards have a really important job! They make sure that swimmers are staying within their limits and they can even save lives.

The reason why this job is one of the most relaxing is that there’s a low chance of something going wrong at any given moment. All you have to do for this job is supervise swimmers in your section ensuring their safety.

Here are a few reasons lifeguards love their job:

  • enjoying the nice weather
  • helping people in need/saving lives
  • working with friends
  • flexible schedules
  • getting to work in a swimsuit

4. Dog Walker

Dog walkers have an amazing job! Not only do they get to work outside which is a huge plus for some people, but they also get to spend time with animals.

If you have ever lived with a dog then you know how important it is that your furry companion gets enough exercise. Dog walkers often take their charges out into the town or around a certain place to get the dogs lots of playtime.

It’s safe to say that dog walkers are well-loved in this day and age. If you are interested in being one, here are some reasons why they love their job:

  • spending time with dogs
  • working outdoors
  • getting paid for exercise
  • flexible schedule

5. Tour Guide

There’s nothing more relaxing than exploring a new place and knowing you have someone who can answer all your questions about it.

As a tour guide, you get to introduce people to places they wouldn’t usually be able to see by themselves. You get paid for learning about the interesting history of the town or city you’re in and experiencing all the culture.

Although this job may require a bit of prep work, experience, and practice, people love doing this relaxing job for several reasons:

  • they get to experience new places
  • get paid for learning about cool things
  • meet fascinating people
  • get away from their daily routine

6. Spa Therapist

Who doesn’t want to go for a massage on their day off? Spa therapists get paid to make people feel good. Although the job is low-key, it’s also very relaxed and gives you some time to yourself while helping others relax too! Spa therapists get to relax people with various techniques that are aimed at releasing the tension in their muscles.

They often use a range of techniques from massages to mud baths and their goal is to make people feel calm and relaxed.

People love this job for many reasons, here are the top reasons:

  • get to work in a spa
  • calm environment
  • help people feel better
  • flexible schedules
  • treatment techniques are fascinating

7. Librarian

Libraries have a very serene reputation and that’s because they are great places to go when you want to relax. The librarians there know where all the newest books are and can help you pick out something new to read. It’s also their job to be sure that everyone is staying quiet so everyone who wants some alone time with their reading can do so.

People love this job for some of the same reasons that make it one of the most relaxing jobs out there, here are just a few:

  • get paid to read
  • learn about all kinds of books
  • help people nurture a love of reading
  • calm environment with minimal distractions
  • meet local and famous authors
  • get a lot of alone time

Some Notable Extras

Since we could likely write all day about way more jobs, there just isn’t enough time! So here is a list of a few more notable mentions of relaxing jobs:

  • movie projectionist
  • receptionist
  • bus driver
  • florist/gardener
  • camp counselor

What Are The Most Stressful Jobs?

Now, in contrast, you may be wondering what are the least relaxing jobs in the world? Well here is a list of just a few that are considered stressful:

  • Stockbroker
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Accountant
  • Event Planner
  • CEO
  • Taxi Driver


Now, we’ve already established that all jobs come with their fair share of stress. It’s just a fact of life and something we often need to accept when it comes to working in the real world. However, there is another factor at play here too.

Some jobs are considered high stress, while others are considered low. So, while all of the above jobs come with their challenges and stresses, they may also come with perks that make up for this.

How To Make Your Job More Relaxing

Perhaps you found your job listed as a stressful one and agree. Whether or not your job was mentioned, you may be wondering if there are any technics to make your job more relaxing. And there are! A few ideas you can try to reduce the stress where you work include:

  • walking around the office(or outside if possible) every once in a while
  • taking breaks with coworkers at a cafe/becoming better friends with coworkers
  • applying for jobs at companies that are more relaxed
  • start your day off in a positive, calming way
  • listen to music you enjoy when you get to work and while working if possible
  • if possible, make suggestions to your boss or coworkers on how to reduce stress in the workplace
  • get plenty of sleep and exercise when not at work
  • bring plants/photos/cheery decor into your workplace


While some of these ideas may not be doable for you, they are worth a try if you can! In the least, you can always make changes to your non-work life to reduce stress. Things like getting enough sleep and exercising regularly go a long way in keeping you healthy and relaxed.

How To Know If A Job Is Relaxing

So now that you know what are the top 7 most relaxing jobs in the world and some factors to help determine which jobs are high stress, low stress, or just right, how do you go about knowing if any job is suited for you? Well, this can be a tough question.

You’ll want to take into consideration all factors of course, including the work itself, your personality and interests, your coworkers, and a few other things. What does this all mean? Well, you will want to answer some questions about yourself before thinking of which jobs may be right for you.

  1. What types of work are you interested in doing?
  2. Do the kinds of work that interest you involve around people, behind closed doors, or both?
  3. What kind of personality are you? Do you like to work on your own or in a team setting?
  4. Do the people that you work around have similar personalities/interests to yourself?
  5. How much free time do you want each week after working hours and before sleeping hours to spend with family, friends, or yourself?
  6. Does your work schedule give you enough time off for self-care?
  7. Can you find a job that relates to a hobby or talent you have?


Now, this isn’t a short and fast list. All jobs have their perks and challenges and there is no job out there that will be perfect for you. Additionally, all of your life circumstances change so it’s worth re-evaluating your answer to these questions every once in a while.

If you’re looking for a new career path and want your next job to be something that isn’t too stressful, try picking from one of these top 7 most relaxing jobs in the world.

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