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Top 10 Probate Lawyers in Tulsa Recommended By Locals

The events which require a probate lawyer are not pleasant ones. Probate lawyers are hired either before or after the death of an individual. The primary job of a probate lawyer is to arrange for and oversee the distribution of any assets which were left by the deceased. Because this is such an emotionally trying time with many intense interactions, it is important to hire only the best probate lawyer to assist you in the process.

In this article, we share the top 10 probate lawyers in Tulsa who are recommended by locals. There are several qualities that make a probate lawyer one of the best in their area. The lawyers on this list strive to serve their clients with excellence in a trying time. Many of these probate lawyers have been serving the Tulsa area for over 10 years, making them highly experienced in the realm of Tulsa probate law.

It is important to do your research before hiring a probate lawyer. Finding a lawyer who provides excellent results as well as a high level of customer care is crucial. It is also important to find a probate lawyer with whom you communicate effectively. Feeling comfortable to discuss private matters with your chosen probate lawyer is essential in the success of your experience.

What is a Probate Lawyer? 

Before we share our list of the top 10 probate lawyers in Tulsa, it is important to clarify what a probate lawyer does. A probate lawyer is hired in the event of the death of a loved one. Their primary responsibility is to oversee and arrange for the administering of an estate. This process includes settling any remaining debts, paying any taxes which are owed, and finally distributing the remaining property to the beneficiaries. 

Although probate can be handled by the heirs of the deceased, it is not advised. The probate situation is complicated and involves many state and federal laws. Probate lawyers in Tulsa are trained to navigate these situations with ease and expertise. At the end of the day, hiring an estate planning lawyer is the best way to ensure that the wishes of your loved one are met. Listed below are the top probate lawyers in Tulsa which are highly recommended by locals.

1. Gary W. Crews

Gary W. Crews is the top probate lawyer in Tulsa. With over 20 years of experience, Mr. Crews specializes in probate law. Because probate law is his specialty, he navigates the entire process gracefully. Gary Crews is dedicated to providing each of his clients with dedication, loyalty, and effective communication. The combination of these assets, along with his ethic and experience, provide a top-notch experience during an otherwise difficult time.

Mr. Crews realizes that the probate process is overwhelming and confusing. He always communicates with his clients in a clear way that eliminates unnecessary legal jargon. In addition to this, Mr. Crews guarantees a quick response to any problems which may arise. These qualities are just a few of the reasons that Gary W. Crews is considered the top probate lawyer in Tulsa.

2. Julie A. Evans

Julie A. Evans provides her clients with an exceptional probate experience by easing the stress that they are experiencing during this difficult time. With her many years of experience in the area of probate law, Ms. Evans can easily guide you through this complicated process. Ms. Evans’ professional yet calm demeanor can successfully navigate tricky disputes between friends and family members both in and out of the courtroom.

3. Scott R. Helton

Scott R. Helton knows that the probate process is an unpleasant one. Because of this, he works with his team at Helton Law Firm to work through the process as quickly as possible. Although there are many events involved throughout the probate process, Mr. Helton seeks to educate each of his clients on how to move through the series of events efficiently. By doing so, he provides an experience that does not unnecessarily prolong an emotionally traumatic event.

4. David A. Carpenter

David A. Carpenter specializes in comprehensive estate planning. This includes asset protection, wealth management, and estate planning. In addition to these services, he provides probate administration. Because Mr. Carpenter offers so many services that are focused in one area, families can establish a working relationship with his office before the need for a probate lawyer arises. Working with a probate lawyer with whom you are already familiar can make the probate process much more simple and straight-forward.

5. Sylvia Spilman

Sylvia Spilman is an expert in the area of Tulsa probate law. With many years of experience, she has been able to create strong ties to the Tulsa community. Ms. Spilman loves the Tulsa community which is evident through the volunteer work she participates in. This love for people translates into the relationships she builds with each of her clients. In addition to this, she strives to provide affordable probate services for the Tulsa area. She even offers a complimentary consultation to determine whether working with her is the best fit for your situation!

6. Maureen J. Knudson

Maureen J. Knudson is a probate lawyer in Tulsa with almost 30 years of experience. Her primary goal in practice is to provide each of her clients with professional and honest legal advice. Ms. Knudson is a probate lawyer you can trust to walk you through the probate process empathetically. In addition to her probate services, Maureen Knudson also specializes in working with minors or individuals with special needs when they are an heir to the assets of the deceased. 

7. Paul W. Dudman

Paul W. Dudman is one of many experienced lawyers who work at Fellers Snider. Mr. Dudman specializes in probate law with more than 40 years of experience. Paul Dudman, along with his associates, has dealt with probate cases of all sizes. This gives them the ability to work through any unforeseen circumstances that arise within your probate case with ease.

8. Todd Alexander

Todd Alexander provides access to probate law that is both easily accessible as well as affordable. Because of his vast experience in the area of probate law, Mr. Alexander can walk anyone through their probate process with ease. Todd Alexander is well-versed in every aspect of probate law and ensures that no matter is overlooked during the process.

9. Dana Michelle McDaniel

Dana Michelle McDaniel is an experienced probate lawyer in Tulsa that works to meet each of the wishes of your loved one. This is one by carefully and efficiently working through the probate process to be sure that no small detail is left behind. By working to establish a personal relationship with each client, Ms. McDaniel provides personalized solutions to each individual’s needs. In addition to this, Dana McDaniel seeks to prioritize affordable probate law. By informing her clients of steps they can accomplish before they attend their first meeting, Ms. McDaniel creates a probate experience that is both affordable and efficient.

10. Frank Hagedorn

Frank Hagedorn is passionate about ensuring that his clients are well-informed during every step of the probate process. Rather than just focusing on the impacts a probate case has on the present, he also educates his clients and their families on the future implications of the probate process. Doing so provides his clients with the peace of mind in having their questions answered, often before they even ask them! Mr. Hagedorn seeks to solve each and every one of his client’s probate needs in an efficient manner. This creates a successful probate case for everyone involved.

Final Thoughts

Your probate lawyer should not be the cause for any additional stress during an already difficult time. Because of this, it is important to hire a probate lawyer who seeks to take as much stress off of your shoulders as possible. By providing unique, personalized care, Tulsa probate lawyers can create a probate experience that is as pleasant as possible. 

There are many probate lawyers in the Tulsa area. For that reason, it is important to do your research before hiring a probate lawyer for your case. Finding a probate lawyer who you have an easy connection with will make the probate process much less stressful for everyone involved. In addition to a personal connection, your Tulsa probate lawyer should be highly experienced in the area of probate law. An experienced probate lawyer will provide you with the most benefit for the investment they require. Hiring one of the top probate lawyers in Tulsa will be a decision you will never regret.

Related Questions

What information does a probate lawyer require? Before your initial meeting with a probate lawyer, it is wise to collect any necessary information. Doing so before your meeting will ensure that the meeting is beneficial and efficient. In addition to this, it allows your probate lawyer to start working on your case immediately. The estate planning lawyer you hire should provide you with a list of the necessary information. However, it can be safe to assume that you will need your loved one’s death certificate, banking information, will and trust documents, and any other documents which you believe are important.

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