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Matt McWilliams Real Estate
Matt McWilliams Real Estate
Real Estate Video | Matt McWilliams

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Matt McWilliams Real Estate Video | McWilliams Media

Matt McWilliams Real Estate videos can be a challenge for most home sellers. With out the right equipment and concept it can be almost impossible to show case your most valued asset. Working with the right team can make this process easy. McWilliams Media has been making residential and commercial video tours for over 5 years. Another great way to grab your audiences attention is through a time lapse video.

Matt McWilliams Real Estate Video | Time Lapse

Matt McWilliams Real Estate Video | Home Tour

Matt McWilliams Real Estate

Real Estate Video | Matt McWilliams

Here are a few ideas to really make your real estate video pop!

1. Create a real estate video with unique transitions to help keep your audiences attention. Most video editors will have some basic functions to add special transitions to your real estate video.
2. Use a popular song to keep potential buyers engaged. You may need to make sure you don’t break any licensing laws with your use of the video. Youtube has work arounds to help the artist and also the individuals making the video.
3. Create an intro showcasing the neighborhood or area. This is a great way to show viewers the big picture.
4. Add basic animation to give it a professional look. Motions graphics can really make you video pop.
5. Add a short interview of a realtor or person who has seen the house and can describe how great it is. Find someone who is able to communicate the details of the house and what makes it special.
6. Add drone footage for effect and to show the dimensions of the house. Drone footage is a must now of days in real estate videos.
7. Do a voice over describing the amenities and rooms for your real estate video. Find someone with a great voice to add that extra touch to the video.
8. Use various camera heights to help add depth.
9. Use local statistics to showcase the areas attractiveness.
10. Add comps to show the value of a well priced home.

If you’re looking to do a real estate video follow the tips above to make your video stand out from the rest. If you need the help of Matt McWilliams and the team at McWilliams Media for your real estate video contact us today.

Matt McWilliams Real Estate Video
Tulsa, OKC, Dallas, Fort Worth, DFW, Little Rock, Kansas City

Matt McWilliams Dallas Real Estate

Real Estate Videos | Dallas | Matt McWilliams

Matt McWilliams DFW Real Estate

Dallas Real Estate Videos | Matt McWilliams







Matt McWilliams Real Estate Videos Tulsa, OK

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