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Home Builder Tulsa, OK
Home Builder Tulsa, OK

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Lamb Homes Specializes in Custom Tulsa Homes & Developments

Lamb HomesLamb Homes

Lamb Homes specializes in custom home building, residential and commercial development, residential and commercial remodeling. Delivering projects that support the growing Tulsa area, Lamb Homes considers the significance of custom homes and residential communities in years to come. Working with Lamb Homes, you’ll find a team that enjoys the custom design process, who are attentive to all client input and concerns and have unmatched attention to quality.


Lamb Home Founder

Lamb Homes was founded by Michael Lamb, a born and raised Tulsan. Michael received his business degree from Oral Roberts University and established his business in the fall of 2012. Since, he has gained a great reputation for producing great quality work. Michael works alongside Mike Wallace, of Wallace companies, who has built hoes and developed residential neighborhoods in the Tulsa, Bixby and Jenks communities for the last 35 years.


Lamb Home Area of Expertise

The areas of expertise that Lamb Home falls under is as the following:


Lamb Home Past Projects

Lamb Homes has built and remodeled homes in the following locations:

  • Brookwood of Jenks
  • Elwood Park
  • Elm Ridge
  • Bristol Ponds
  • Woodlar
  • Hunters Hill


Lamb Homes Residential PropertiesLamb Homes

Lamb Homes has also made it very easy for you to see what residential listings they have available via their website. If you follow this link here, it will take you to their website where it shows current available listings. Along with location, the price, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms and garage size is listed.


Lamb Homes Development Listings

Just as the residential listings, Lamb Homes has a page on their site that tells you what housing developments they have constructed, and gives a plot layout. Just follow this link here, to be taken to the page. Along with the picture of the development, there is a dropdown button to view more details about the development, like total lot number, amenities, location, and completion date.


For more information on the Tulsa Residential Development Company, contact Lamb Homes here.

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