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Jaquay Enterprise | Oklahoma Dental Transitions

Jaquay EnterpriseJaquay Enterprise

Jaquay Enterprise is an Oklahoma based Dental Transitions company. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, merge, or transition your dental practice, Jaquay is the go to company. Their goal is to help you get a pre-transition plan in place, improve your practice in any way to ensure you receive fair market value, and to final any transition that you are seeking.


Jaquay Enterprise Steps of Transition

There are a few steps that go into any and all dental transitions, and those steps go as follows:

  • Pre-Planning: This is the step that you, with the assistance of Jaquay, plan your exit strategy by choosing what transition you want, when you are wanting it completed, and more plans like that.
  • Update/Upgrading: This step is where Jaquay Enterprise comes in and views your practice’s assets and files to determine how it can be improved for a better transition price.
  • Listing: This step is more in part of Jaquay, with some help of you, to get your dental practice listed and ready for a transition.
  • Transition: This is the last step in the process as Jaquay helps you with the contracts and paperwork involved in the transition process.
  • Enjoy your Transition: Now you either enjoy your move in, or out, of your dental practice.


Jaquay Enterprise’s other Services

Jaquay Enterprise also offers services and seminars in Medical Billing and Dental Practice Consulting. Their seminar is based on helping dentists learn which treatments can be billed medically by first understanding medical insurance as its key to getting paid. Many dental practices don’t understand medical billing, so it sets your practice apart if you do. The seminar includes a hands-on workshop to help you grasp this practice. As for consulting, many dentists are under the impression that they do not need consultants to launch new systems or improve current ones, but that would be incorrect. A dentist is skilled in dental work, but not necessarily in business. Having a consultant, like Jaquay Enterprise, will boost your management by assisting with all business processes and workflow.


Jaquay Enterprise’s SeminarsJaquay Enterprise

As mentioned above, Jaquay hosts seminars to help those running Dental Practices. The owner of Jaquay, Tabitha Jaquay Fernandez, specializes in helping business owners resolve difficult, contentious and seemingly impossible transition challenges by sharing her experience of analyzing hundreds of practices across the country since 2003. She does so by hosting seminars based on her tried and true methodologies, and focuses on educating clients about the process and available option for a smooth dental practice transition process.


To learn more about Oklahoma’s best dental transition specialist, contact Jaquay Enterprise here.

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