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How Much Does A Wedding Coordinator Make?

Wedding Coordinator Average Salary

Becoming a wedding coordinator can sound like a fun and fascinating job. But, can you make money doing something so enjoyable?

How much does a wedding coordinator make? Hourly rates for wedding planners usually range from $25 to $75, but some may charge more or less depending on the complexity of the event and their level of experience. The American Society of Professional Wedding Planners (ASPWP) offers certification to wedding planners who meet certain qualifications and who pass the group’s exam. Some states require that wedding planners be licensed or registered to practice within their state.

Keep reading to learn more about becoming a wedding coordinator!

What Does The Job Of A Wedding Coordinator Entail?

Wedding planners are responsible for making sure that everything goes smoothly with the wedding. That means hiring all of the vendors, setting up the decorations, dealing with invitations, etcetera.

The average salary of a wedding planner varies depending on geographical location and experience. Wedding planners may also be called event or special occasion managers.

Realizing that weddings can be expensive and time-consuming, many couples hire wedding planners to help them coordinate their special day. Wedding planners may be self-employed or work for a company.

The responsibilities of an experienced wedding planner are to manage all aspects of the planning process for the client by promoting each element throughout the planning process while maintaining confidentiality.

This ensures that the client’s style is reflected in the wedding. It may even include budgeting, organizing vendors, decorating, choosing music, and coordinating travel plans for out-of-town guests.

What Determines The Salary Of A Wedding Planner?

The average salary of a wedding planner varies depending on geographical location and experience. Wedding planners may also be called event or special occasion managers.

A self-employed wedding planner’s income may vary, but generally, it is a commission-based job. Commissions may be earned from the sale of goods, such as photography, catering, or wedding gowns, or through the collection of an event fee.

Most wedding planners work on a contract basis for a flat fee, which can range from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the services that are provided.

Hourly rates for wedding planners usually range from $25 to $75, but some may charge more or less depending on the complexity of the event and their level of experience.

If you’re thinking about becoming a wedding planner, or are just curious about what the job entails, read on to find out more about how much wedding planners make and what they do.

How Much Does An Average Wedding Cost?

That’s a difficult question to answer, as the cost of weddings can vary greatly. However, according to The Knot’s 2016 Real Weddings Study, the average cost of a wedding in the United States is $35,329.

This number includes the cost of the venue, catering, flowers, music, and other wedding-related expenses. (The Knot’s study is conducted every year, but the average cost of a wedding varies from year to year; it was $32,641 in 2015 .)

So what contributes to this high cost? The biggest expense is typically the venue, followed by the catering, flowers, photography, and professional cleaning after the event. And if you want to add some extras like a band or fireworks, that will up the bill too.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Wedding Coordinator?

First and foremost, a wedding coordinator can help take the stress out of planning a wedding. They manage clients’ time and resources and keep everything on track.

A wedding coordinator can also help save money. They recommend vendors and suppliers and negotiate better rates on their client’s behalf.

A wedding coordinator can also help with the organization of the ceremony and reception, making sure that everything runs smoothly on the day. They help with seating plans, consulting on the layout of the venue, and coordinating activities.

Finally, a wedding coordinator can make sure that you receive a personal service tailored to your needs. They will be listening out for any feedback from guests during the day, and take care of all problems as they arise so that your day is perfect!

All in all, a wedding coordinator can make sure that you have a stress-free, personal, and affordable wedding day.

Role Of A Wedding Planner

The role of a wedding coordinator is to help brides prepare for their big day by planning, organizing, and managing all the required tasks that must be fulfilled before the ceremony can take place.

A wedding coordinator can also plan wedding events to save time and stress on the big day itself.

Wedding coordinators are experienced professionals who can take care of all the little details, so the bride can relax and enjoy her wedding day. They can help with everything from finding the right location to coordinating vendors and dealing with last-minute changes.

Where Is The Best Place To Live If You Want To Be A Wedding Coordinator?

I know what you’re thinking: “I want to be a wedding coordinator! Where should I live?” Well, we’ve already talked about how incredibly fun and rewarding it is. But we haven’t talked much about where the best city for a wedding coordinator might be.

What if you’ve already picked out your city and you don’t know whether or not it’s a great place for the job? Most of the wedding coordinators that come to us looking for help either can’t find any jobs in their area or want to know if they should consider relocating. I do believe we could all benefit from some insight on this topic so let’s dive right in and discuss what makes a city an okay or even great place to be a wedding coordinator.

Where Should I Live?

What makes a good city for a wedding coordinator? Let’s look at some of the top cities and their size (that is, their population), how much it costs to rent an apartment there, and where they stand on the average cost of living index.

When it comes to the best cities for a wedding coordinator, bigger isn’t always better. A smaller city might be a really good place for you if you’re just starting.

And this is because in some places people have more experience and there are fewer available jobs which makes it harder for newbies to get their foot in the door.

Here are some cities to consider:

1. New York City

This is one of the most competitive places you could go as a wedding coordinator, but the population and number of jobs available make it worth considering if you think you can handle it. The average cost of living index in New York City is 102.27, which is very high compared to the national average of 100.

2. Oklahoma City

This city has an incredibly low cost of living index so it’s worth considering if that’s important to you. For the average person, the cost of living in Oklahoma City is 15% below the national average.  This means it’s very affordable to live here if you want to save some extra money while building your career as a wedding coordinator.

3. Chicago

Despite being a very popular city, there is still a pretty good chance for new wedding coordinators to make a name for themselves here. The population of Chicago is 8.5 million which makes it the third-most populous city in America. The average cost of the living index here is 110, which still isn’t too high compared to New York City’s.

4. Seattle

This city has an excellent population size but it doesn’t come with a high cost of living like some other big cities like New York City or San Francisco. The cost of living index in Seattle is 98.4 which is lower than the national average.

All of these cities are pretty popular and offer various opportunities to be a wedding coordinator. They all have great things going for them but don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re perfect for YOU.

The best thing you can do is to look at each city’s cost of living, population size, and the competitiveness of the market in that area and make a decision from there.

Wedding Coordinator Working Schedule

Being a wedding coordinator often involves long hours all at once. In addition nights and weekends are a part of the job. If you are self-employed you can manage this however you would like.

However, nights and weekends are where the money is going to be. You can consider this and charge your weekend events accordingly. However, many times this means your weekdays are more flexible and can be more on your schedule.

If you are working for an event venue or wedding planning company, be sure to review hours and salary to ensure you are being paid accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Being a wedding coordinator is a labor of passion. It takes a passionate person to do the job, and do the job well. It is something that can be fun and fulfilling. There are several things to consider when you are choosing this career.

Location, hours, and pay are all top priorities to consider. I hope this article helps you and informs you. Great wedding coordinators are needed and very valuable. So, if you are looking to get into the business, start planning your career today!

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