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About HBI Global Partners

HBI Global, a leading organization dedicated to empowering and supporting churches, has strategically cultivated a partner network that plays a pivotal role in furthering its mission. These partners, spanning various sectors, collaborate closely with HBI Global to provide churches with comprehensive services and resources, ultimately enhancing their ability to thrive and serve their communities.


One key aspect of HBI Global’s partnerships involves technology firms that specialize in developing innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of churches. By joining forces with these tech partners, HBI Global ensures that churches can access cutting-edge tools and platforms for efficient communication, community engagement, and resource management. This technological support streamlines internal church operations and facilitates better outreach and connection with congregants.


Financial institutions are also integral partners in HBI Global’s network, assisting churches in managing their finances effectively. These partnerships often result in tailored financial solutions, including budgeting assistance, investment guidance, and fundraising support. By leveraging the expertise of financial partners, churches can navigate economic challenges, allocate resources wisely, and sustain their ministries over the long term.

Moreover, HBI Global collaborates with educational institutions and training organizations to empower church leaders and members with knowledge and skills. Through workshops, seminars, and online courses offered by these partners, churches can enhance their leadership capabilities, develop thriving youth programs, and foster a deeper sense of community.

What Sets HBI Global Apart

The collaborative efforts of HBI Global and its partners create a synergy that goes beyond individual capabilities. By harnessing the strengths of diverse partners, HBI Global equips churches with a holistic support system, addressing their immediate needs and empowering them to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape. In essence, these partnerships embody a collective commitment to strengthening the foundation of churches worldwide, fostering growth, resilience, and positive community impact.


  • Technology Solutions:
    • Cutting-edge communication platforms
    • Customized church management software
    • Online streaming and digital outreach tools
  • Financial Support:
    • Tailored budgeting assistance
    • Investment guidance and financial planning
    • Fundraising support and strategies
  • Educational and Training Programs:
    • Workshops and seminars for church leaders
    • Online courses for skill development
    • Resources for youth program development
  • Community Engagement:
    • Social media management and strategy
    • Event planning and coordination
    • Outreach campaigns and promotional support
  • Consultation Services:
    • Strategic planning for long-term sustainability
    • Organizational development guidance
    • Needs assessment and customized solutions
  • Collaborative Networking:
    • Connection with other churches and organizations
    • Partner introductions for specific needs
    • Collaborative initiatives for community impact
  • Resource Sharing:
    • Access to a repository of educational materials
    • Sharing of best practices and success stories
    • Resource exchange platform for churches

Business Information

5838 S. Sheridan Rd.

Tulsa, OK 74145

(877) 424-4634


As churches continue to navigate the complexities of the modern world, the commitment of HBI Global and its partners to providing a diverse range of services becomes increasingly vital. The collaborative endeavors exemplify a shared dedication to the well-being and prosperity of churches, ultimately contributing to a more connected, resilient, and impactful global community of faith.

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