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23 Minutes in Hell
23 Minutes in Hell

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Review of 23 Minutes in Hell

Bill Wiese is the founder of Soul Choice Ministries and author of 23 Minutes in Hell. After a life-changing experience several years ago, he wrote 23 Minutes in Hell. He uses his story to educate people on one of the most complicated and confusing topics, what happens after death. 
By using the platform of Soul Choice Ministries as well as his New York Times Best Selling Book, 23 Minutes in Hell, Bill strives to answer some important questions. He believes that by sharing his experience and beliefs about Hell, he will encourage those of the Christian faith to share God’s love with those around them with a renewed fervor.

Questions from 23 Minutes in Hell

23 Minutes in HellThere are many questions that are commonly asked among all ages, races, and regions of the world. Most of these deal with what happens after we die. The afterlife is a complicated and typically morbid topic, however, it is important that we base our beliefs of life after death on the truth found in Scripture. This is exactly what the ministry behind 23 Minutes in Hell aims to do.

Is there life after death?

One fact that binds us all as humans, regardless of our background, is that we will one day die. Although this is a morbid thought, it is simply a fact. Many people shy away from discussing the topic of the afterlife. However, Bill believes understanding this topic as much as possible is a crucial part of the Christian faith. In 23 Minutes in Hell, Bill answers this important question. 
It is important to understand that both Heaven and Hell are real. Our choices in this life will have consequences and rewards which will determine our destiny. Bill shares more of his believes on this topic here.

Will everyone go to Heaven?

As sad as it is to realize, not everyone will go to Heaven after they die. This is one of Bill’s main motivations behind Soul Choice Ministries and 23 Minutes in Hell. There are countless passages in Scripture that support this belief. You can find just a few of them here.

Is Hell eternal?

Yes, the scary reality of this is that Hell is eternal. In 23 Minutes in Hell, Bill Wiese shares many Bible verses that back up this fact. It is important to accept the fact that Hell is a very real place. Rejecting this belief will cause one to live a life that is based on ignoring what will happen after death. Although the reality of Hell is harsh, it should encourage Christians to share their faith with more fervor and a sense of increased urgency.

What is 23 Minutes in Hell?

Bill Wiese wrote 23 Minutes in Hell after a life-changing experience that occurred many years ago. This book was so insightful that it quickly became a New York Times Best Selling Book. It has had a great impact on many around the world as it has been translated into over 15 languages in just 15 years. You can read more about the story behind 23 Minutes in Hell here.
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