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criminal defense lawyers in Dekalb county
criminal defense lawyers in Dekalb county

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Where Can I Find A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Dekalb County?

The Best Criminal Defense Lawyers In Dekalb County Are At Jeffrey & Erwin, LLP.

Antonio Jeffrey and Brian Erwin have diverse backgrounds in both their profession and education. They are two of Illinois’ most reputable attorneys, and they are dedicated to your case. What matters to you, matters to them.

They are the most experienced criminal defense lawyers, each with unique specialties. Their clients come first at Jeffrey & Erwin LLP and their commitment to settling your case is unmatched. Providing the best criminal defense in the Dekalb area, they will not let you down. Jeffrey & Erwin, LLP isn’t just another law firm. They are dedicated to solving problems, providing the most trustworthy service, and seeing the truth prevail.

What Makes Jeffrey & Erwin, LLP Unique?

So why would you choose Jeffrey & Erwin Law Office for your criminal defense case? Several things set this law firm apart from its competitors. These things include the experience of over 25 years which means you will have all the knowledge and resources on your side to help win your case. Another attribute is accessibility meaning that as a client, you will never be left in the dark. You will always know where things stand in your case. They are quick at responding to communication and always timely with meetings and hearings. The final key difference of Jeffrey & Erwin is their tenacity. They are bold, confident, and aggressive in their criminal defense efforts. No matter the size of the case or who you’re going up against, they are with you completely.

criminal defense lawyers in Dekalb county

Services Provided By Jeffrey & Erwin, LLP

Here is a non-exhaustive list of all the types of law cases Jeffrey & Erwin, LLP provides to Dekalb County.

  • Dekalb County criminal defense
  • Dekalb County litigation
  • Dekalb County arbitration
  • Dekalb County mediation
  • Dekalb County civil rights
  • Dekalb County workers’ compensation
  • Dekalb County employment law
  • Dekalb County personal injury

And much more! If you have a case that isn’t listed here, please contact us with our information below today! We are happy to talk with you and see how we can represent you in your specific legal case.

Contact Information

Jeffrey & Erwin, LLP

105 W Madison St Ste 901

Chicago IL, 60602



Jeffrey & Erwin Law Office | DeKalb County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:30pm

We know that choosing the best criminal defense lawyer can seem daunting. That’s why Jeffrey & Erwin, LLP are here for you. With over 25 years of combined experience, they know what it takes to win your case. They are Dekalb County’s most reputable criminal defense law office and are dedicated to providing the best possible outcome for their clients. You can learn more about their reputation by checking out their Google reviews.  Thank you for reading about this featured business and for supporting First Rate Local!

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