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What Organization Plants Churches in India? HBI Global Partners

HBI Global Partners Plants Churches in India.

HBI Global Partners is an India church planting organization based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma with centers all throughout India. HBI Global Partners is a Christian mission organization founded by Dr. Paul Gupta in 1952. Dr. Gupta had the vision to win India to Christ; his son, Bobby, now carries on the legacy in India.

HBI Global Partners has a few different strategies they use to not only share the Love of God, but also to take care of those in need. Besides church planting, HBI Global Partners provides extensive training and leadership development for Indian nationals who are interested in entering the ministry. They have also started day schools to help educate children and get them off the street.

Another avenue that allows HBI Global Partners to provide care to many Indian communities is health and wellness camps. At these camps, HBI will have volunteer doctors and medical staff treat the locals and perform dentistry and basic first aid. These wellness camps are vital to taking care of some communities.

HBI Global Partners’ Business Reviews

HBI Global Partners is recognized for going above and beyond for the communities they have planted themselves in throughout India. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, India was in a complete shutdown for just about a month. Many poor migrant workers became stranded and weren’t able to find food or water. HBI was able to minister to these people, feeding over 6,000 people a day throughout the lockdown. HBI’s supporters and the community knows the difference that the organization is having in people’s lives.

Featured Reviews

“A great organization doing great things across India!”

– Jake Turner, Facebook Review

“HBI is in action on the ground giving food & water to migrants and street dwellers.

– Jama Raubach, Facebook Review

Before Jesus ascended into Heaven, he commissioned his followers to “go into all the world and spread the gospel.” India has one of the biggest populations in the world who have no idea who Jesus is and how much He loves them personally. HBI Global Partners is here to help fulfill the Great Commission found in the Bible in India by sharing the Love of God!

Contact Information

HBI Global Partners

P.O. BOX 3037

(877) 424-4634

HBI Global Partners has planted over 11,000 churches across India by empowering and equipping nationals to lead and teach. With supporters both in the United States and India, HBI Global Partners continues to expand its reach into the uttermost parts of the world!

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