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PDPFYNS comes from industries including Energy and Natural Resources, Financial, Healthcare, Ministry, Real Estate, Service Organizations and Technology and Communications. But what brought them all together is the PDP survey. After each had taken the survey and experienced a life-changing impact that brought them all together and on their journey. The PDP survey served as a mirror that reflected, from the inside out, a source of healthy energy. They each had seen their individual strengths and how they benefited from both that and the others. That’s when they knew they had to share it with the world.


What is PDP of PDPFYNS

PDP is PDPglobal, a company that leads in the business to business, or B2B, arena. They serve industries worldwide, including academia, banking, government, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, legal, manufacturing, military, retail, Transportation and much more. This wide reach resulted in high performance teams, a healthy company morale, clear communications, customer loyalty, increased productivity, retention of working people, increased sales, decreased costs, and an improved bottom line.



FYNS is a new PDP company built for the individual. Meaning that PDPFYNS is not just a B2B company like PDPglobal. FYNS is taking the exact same technologies as PDPglobal, but making it digestible for the average person. FYNS will enable an individual, anywhere and anytime, to have fulfillment and success at home, in work, and out in the world.




PDPFYNS works in a three step process. The first being, to take the ProScan survey. This survey typically takes about 5-10 minutes to complete, following you will immediately receive a copy of your personalized “My Strengths” report. The second step is to experience your strengths. Now that you know what your strengths are, it’s time to put them to the test. The third step is to learn and grow. After putting your strengths to the pest, you will start learning how you best operate and what will allow you to grow and become the successful person that we all want to be.


For more information on the survey that will show you a personalized “My Strengths” report, contact PDPFYNS here.

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