What Makes The Lackey Law Firm Huntsville’s Best Personal Injury Lawyer?

Experience and dedication has made The Lackey Law Firm Huntsville’s best personal injury lawyer. Our latest featured rainmaker is Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyer, The Lackey Law Firm! As a team, they have served the Huntsville area for over forty years. They are dedicated to providing their clients with positive results at a reasonable rate.  

The Lackey Law Firm’s Successful Business Strategies

Personal Injury Lawyer in HuntsvilleThe Lackey Law Firm has created a comfortable atmosphere that is hard to find in the industry. Each member of this Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyer team works hard to provide their clients with top-notch legal care. In addition to their clear communication style, they always go out of their way to ensure that each client understands the legal matters surrounding their case.

Where to Find The Lackey Law Firm

You can learn more about Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyer, The Lackey Law Firm on any of these platforms:
The Lackey Law Firm’s Facebook Page
The Lackey Law Firm’s Yelp Page

What Customers Are Saying About The Lackey Law Firm

Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyer, The Lackey Law Firm, has numerous satisfied clients. Here are just a few of their great reviews:
“This is a fantastic family firm.  They make the process of handling legalities very simple for their clients. I highly recommend them if you are looking to get favorable results. We appreciate y’all!
“Everyone was respectful, compassionate and patient listeners. It is difficult to walk into an Attorney’s office for the first time. They really made the process painless. I highly recommend.”
“My family and I were so distraught and shaking and financially ruined after an auto accident, not of our fault. Mr. Lackey helped us every step of the way from the replacement of health items destroyed in the accident to making home visits to us and keeping us very well informed of our case. Thank You, Mr. Justin Lackey.”

How to Learn More About The Lackey Law Firm

Contact The Lackey Law Firm using the information listed below to schedule your free consultation with a Huntsville Personal Injury Lawyer.


(256) 585 – 2980


100 Jefferson Street S., Suite 1001
Huntsville, Alabama 35801


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