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Bible Blastbible blast

Bible Blast is a kid’s bible curriculum designed to be used either at home or in church. The focus behind this children’s bible curriculum is to offer parents a tool to allow their kids to learn and understand scripture and to impress the word of God on their hearts (Deuteronomy 6:4-9).


Bible Blast in Church

The Bible Blast Church curriculum is designed to be used in a variety of learning environments. No matter the size of the church or the youth groups, Bible Blast makes for a great children’s Bible curriculum. Many churches across the nation are using this curriculum in either Wednesday or Sunday activities. The goal is to meet at least once a week for motivational, high-energy, incentive-driven, reward-giving Bible Blast activities.

Bible Blast at Homebible blast

Bible Blast is a great children’s bible curriculum that comes with a parent manual, Bible Blast rap CD, and a picture bible. The home version of this curriculum is great for families that wish to homeschool their kids or just wish to help them grow in faith outside of the church. This kid’s bible curriculum lets your child relax and enjoy the pictures of the picture bible while you read and share the messages.


Bible Blast Volunteers Needed

When using the Bible Blast curriculum, there should be a minimum of three volunteers. The key volunteers are a Director and two helpers for the quizzing section of the curriculum. But remember, the larger the size of groups the more volunteers are needed. When used in the home, parents make up all the volunteers needed, but in church there are many adults who are willing to help the youth grow in their faith, so no need to worry there.


What Do You Need to Start Bible Blast

After choosing to begin the Bible Blast kid’s bible curriculum, there is a director’s manual that lists an easy, step-by-step, guide for how to teach these kids. The manual shows a set-up that you will follow for the weeks prior to the first meeting, as well as throughout the entire year. Included in the guide are announcements, parent orientation notes, clip art, resources for ordering prizes, room arrangements, meeting schedules, and much more.


How Much Does Bible Blast Cost

For homeschooling, all the costs fall on the parents teaching their kids. But for the in church children’s bible curriculum, the parents of the kids being taught are to reimburse costs through offerings, just like any other children’s programs. Just like youth sports, dance classes, music lessons, or anything else, the responsibility of paying for the rewards fall upon the parents.


Joining the Bible Blast Community

The Bible Blast community is every growing with churches and homes all across the nation sharing this kid’s bible curriculum with their youth. For more information on Bible Blast and to answer any other questions you may have, contact Bible Blast here.

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