Tulsa Insurance Guy

The Tulsa Insurance Guy has over 65 different insurance companies to choose from to make sure you receive the best coverage at the right price. This makes Tulsa Insurance Guy the best value for Auto Insurance in Tulsa. Tulsa Insurance Guy understands that not all accidents or emergencies happen between 9am and 5pm. Give us … Read more

Tulsa Water Damage | ESR Disaster Hero is here to help you!

Taking Safety Precautions and Tulsa Water Damage Preparation  Storm devastation can happen at any moment and can cause a huge amount of tulsa water damage to your home. Heavy rains may cause flooding and strong winds can cause roof damage and downed trees on your property. Some after storm damage can create safety and health risks as … Read more

Buzz Gal is running for City Council!

VOTE April 4th! The entire city votes during the City Council election on April 4th! Buzz Gal is running for City Council! I plan to bring new, vibrant life, & ideas to the council and have been working voluntarily for over 8 years to bring awareness to how great our city is. Through the events … Read more

Paint Tulsa With Love Gift

Alliance Painting Tulsa wants to transform your home and make a difference In your community! We donate $100 for every gift certificate purchased to help the 111 Project in the goal of helping every child in the Oklahoma Foster Care system find a home. This gift certificate can be redeemed for 1 Paint Pro For … Read more

Local Lawyer Goes Live with New Website

Here’s an excerpt from the recent launch:  The new truskettlaw.com is here! You now have easy access to a user friendly, mobile responsive site that we are proud to showcase. Go take a look for yourself and see what you think! TRUSKETT LAW 2202 EAST 49TH STREET, SUITE 400 TULSA, OK 74105 918-392-5444

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